ghostwriter, developmental editor, consultant

Cynthia DiTiberio


After nine years in a big publishing house, Cindy knows firsthand what publishers are looking for, and utilizes the expertise she acquired sitting in launch meetings, editorial summits, and marketing pow-wows to help her authors create the next bestseller. Her specialty is taking any kind of writing and turning it into A+ material. Here are the various ways she can help:

If this is the first time you are having a professional read your work, request a manuscript review. This is an overall assessment of the current state of your manuscript. Cindy will read the entire book, identifying extraneous or unclear material, helping you create stronger arguments and transitions, perhaps even suggesting a new structure for the book. You'll receive a 3-5 page editorial letter that will allow you to go back in and make the next draft even stronger. 

If you'd like a more traditional developmental edit, Cindy will do all of the above but also provide detailed line edits to identify weak language or unclear prose. In this case, she goes into the word document, using track changes, and inputs her suggested edits and changes, in addition to sending a 3-5 page editorial letter. 

After a decade as an acquiring editor, Cindy knows what publishers are looking for and can help you position your book to get noticed. To secure a publishing deal with a traditional publisher, you'll need a book proposal, a 50-60 page document that will not only help you sell your book to publishers, but also help you discover the book you truly want to write. It explains what your book is about, why readers will care, and how you will partner with a publisher to get the book into the marketplace. It examines your book's competition in the marketplace and helps you discern your distinctive. This process is a great way to whittle down the main messages of your book, determine the best structure, and to help you discover your voice as an author. When you've completed the proposal, you have essentially just created the blueprint of the book, allowing you to know exactly what you are going to write when you sit down to write the book itself. 

Sometimes in the process of creating a proposal, you discover that you really don't enjoy writing as much as you thought you would. That's where Cindy can step in and actually help you write the book itself. Either via in person interviews, Skype conversations, or phone calls, Cindy will work to get all those ideas that have been percolating in your head for years onto the page in a way that sounds like you wrote it yourself. 

If you aren't sure which of the above services you need, or if you just want to talk through your publishing dreams with someone who knows the ins and outs of the business, you can hire Cindy on an hourly basis to be your sounding board as you figure out your next steps.

For most authors, you need to have a literary agent to submit your proposal to a publisher. Cindy holds relationships with over forty of the top literary agents in the country. Once you have completed a proposal, Cindy can use her database of contacts to help you get connected with the right one for you. 

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