Cynthia DiTiberio

"Cindy brought nothing less than her best each and every day that we worked together. Her editorial prowess added an extra layer of creativity and care to the process and I quickly learned that I could rely on her consistent commitment to excellence and her dazzling talent to help execute exactly on my hope and vision. I would highly recommend her services to anyone, and hope I get a chance to work with her again."
Roma Downey, author of Box of Butterflies

Emmy-nominated actress and producer

"Cindy's commitment to my book was unwavering. She not only gives 100%, but is brilliant at shaping a message so that it hits the heart of the reader. Her contribution to my book was invaluable. She is a gift."

Kute Blackson

author of You Are The One

"Cindy was a phenomenal guide, providing advice and support when needed. She gave me critical insight to my own thoughts throughout the process, teaching me how to express my story in a way that I didn't imagine possible. I couldn't have completed this project without her!"

Garth Callaghan

author of Napkin Notes

"Cindy has contributed her writing expertise to several projects with me. She has helped shape these books, establishing a distinct voice for the author while creating a polished manuscript, and always on time. I can't wait to work with her again.

Michele Martin

Former VP, Publisher, North Star Way

"Cindy DiTiberio is one of the best editors out there. She will ask you the hard questions, remind you of your goals, and push you to be a better writer. She has edited two of my books and they are infinitely stronger because of her involvement." 

Arielle Ford

international bestselling author of The Soulmate Secret and Wabi Sabi Love

"Cindy has prodded, cajoled, guided, and encouraged me to become a better writer. With her guidance, I've been able to consistently produce novels I've been proud to have my name on.
 Editors like her are a gift to writers." 
Shelley Shepard Gray

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author 

"With enthusiasm and insight, Cynthia DiTiberio did something that all editors attempt and few accomplish – she made my book better." 

Dr. Marty Klein

author of Sexual Intelligence

"Cindy was phenomenal throughout the entire process of writing our first manuscript. She brought our story to life in the pages and gave each of our voices clarity and passion. She is extremely talented and a complete joy to work with. We are grateful to Cindy for grasping the importance of our story and delivering an amazing memoir." 

Amy and Matt Baumgardner

authors of From This Day Forward

"Cindy DiTiberio is the best person to have by your side as an author, whether you are writing your first book or 100th. Cindy has a way of honing in on the message an author wants to bring forth. She does this in a way that you know she's on your side and she understands how much passion you've put into your work. My book would not be what it is if not for Cindy. In fact, I can go as far as to say that I wouldn't have found the success I've found if not for Cindy.  She has my utmost respect and gratitude."

Melanie Holmes

author of The Female Assumption and A Hero on Mount St. Helens